Are you a champion dal cook? At the British Dal Festival Grand Finale on Sunday 25th March you can enter your dal or similar pulse dish for our Champion Dal award.

Professional and home cooks are invited to enter their own-cooked dals for our Champion Dal competition, open to dals of all kinds, ie any soupy or stew-like dish with split or whole pulses as a main ingredient.

A “Silver Bowl” full of pulses will be awarded to the winners of both the professional cook and home cook categories, as judged by a panel of experts at the Grand Dal Finale on 25th March. The champions will be decided on the basis of taste, aroma, texture, presentation and all-round dal-iciousness.

Additional special commendations may be made for entries of a particularly high standard or special interest, for example the use of local ingredients.

The judges’ decision on all matters will be final!

To enter please complete the form below

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Please read the rules of entry below
Food Safety *
Please read the food safety guidelines below

Rules of Entry

  1. Complete the entry form on the British Dal Festival website by 6pm on Saturday 24th March.

  2. Cook your dal and bring it to the Hodmedod stall by 4pm at the Grand Dal Finale.
  3. Entrants will need to purchase a ticket for the Grand Dal Finale but will be refunded the cost of one ticket on submission of their dal.
  4. Entries must be accompanied by the name of the dish and a full list of ingredients. Further details are optional but may be provided and will be read by the judges.
  5. Entries will be judged between 4pm and 5pm, with the awards announced from the demo stage at 6pm.
  6. The home cook category is only open to individuals who do not cook or prepare food as part of any paid work.

Food Safety Guidelines

  1. All entries will be prepared in a clean kitchen and good hygiene practices followed. (Please read this NHS advice)
  2. Entries must not be left at room temperature for any more than 2 hours – the dal should be cooled as quickly as possible after cooking and then stored in a refrigerator at 4C and transported within 2 hours or in a cool bag. Entries will be checked by probe on submission and rejected if the temperature is above 8C.
  3. Entries must be stored and transported in a sealed container.