Gopal's Curry Shack


"Roald Dahl"
(you see what we did there!)

available 12-3.30pm, Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st March
12-8pm, Thursday 22nd to Saturday 24th March
12-4.30pm, Sunday 25th March

A creamy red lentil and channa dal with coconut and toasted cumin seeds served with basmati rice & topped with crunchy sev, a swirl of minty yoghurt & fresh coriander, red onion and pomegranate seeds

Roald Dal.jpg

Buddha box

Our creamy red lentil and channa dal served with basmati rice, winter slaw with a mango & lime dressing, spicy crispy chickpeas, sweet potato crisps, pickled veg, minty yoghurt and peomegranted, red onion and fresh coriander.

Buddha Box.JPG

And other special dishes featuring different pulses through the course of the festival.

Gopal's Curry Shack
Unit 2, Cargo 2 Wapping Wharf BS1 6ZA